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My products are designed, printed and fabricated within the UK, working with a variety of small UK-based businesses for all aspects of the production.


I create high quality products that are made to last.


My small art prints and greeting cards are made using luxury 300gsm boards which are FSC certified and partially recycled. My envelopes are Eco Kraft.


I use biodegradable and compostable cellos made from vegetable starch for both art prints and greeting cards.


My greeting cards are sold naked through the website and local markets. Wholesale stockists have the choice of naked or biodegradable cellos.


All of my tea towels and wash bags are printed and fabricated by Oeko-Tex certified British bespoke textile manufacturer companies. My lampshades are handmade in my Bristol based studio.

I perceive the natural world as the source of my creative inspiration and I am passionate about minimising my impact on the environment in every way that I can.

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